Batting, Foam, and Pillows

Have a cushion that’s gone flat, or a bed that needs some decoration? Good for a variety of projects, these products can add warmth and softness to any room. Warm and Natural cotton batting is great for a baby blanket, and polyfill stuffing can be used for a toy. Our polyester batting could provide your quilt with fluff and warmth. To add color and comfort to your couch, you can use our pillow forms, which come in a huge assortment of shapes and sizes. With our variety of stuffing, you’ll add the finishing touches to many projects.

Foam: slabs of 24” x 76”, ½” to 5” thick, sold per slab or by linear inch

Polyfill stuffing: typically sold in 5 pound bags

Feather pillow forms: squares of 18” x 18” up to 30” x 30”, 14” x 20”, or a neckroll

Polyester pillow forms: squares of 18” x 18” up to 30” x 30”, 12” x 18”, 14” x 20”, or a neckroll

Warm and Natural cotton batting: 90” wide, bleached and natural

Polyester batting: 90” wide, cut to baby, regular, queen, and king size, or sold by the yard

Insul-bright: lining for projects that require heat resistance